Our prices including VAT, in accordance with existing regulations for the provision of transport (*), and include service driver, fuel and insurance professional (transport of persons). It does not include tolls, parking fees and the cost of entry castles, museums, monuments, parks and gardens visited. Every hour is due begun. The minimum billing is 4 hours. Excluding special rates (transfer, tours), there are two separate rates:Cost Day from Monday to Friday from 08:00am to 08:00pm / Overnight Rate from Monday to Friday from 08:00pm to 08:00am, weekends and holidays integers. The time and mileage are counted departure and return garage. * The use of the telephone of the vehicle and / or driver will be charged as follows: € 1.50 a minute for France and € 3.00 a minute for overseas. Baggages are accepted within the limit of 30 kg per person transported and remain in the custody of it. For any reservation, a deposit will be required. For packages marriages, the reservation becomes firm after paying a deposit equal to 50% of the amount of benefit, with the remainder to be paid 10 days before the beginning of the service. Any cancellation by the customer of a reservation leads to the latter losing the deposit as a lump sum and irreducible, whatever the reason. During the delivery, if the vehicle becomes unavailable (blackout, and so on.), the benefit amount will be prorated for the time and mileage without recourse or compensation for injury. If we are unable to provide the requested vehicle (failure). Atbeginning of the service, the deposit will be paid in full without recourse or compensation for injury. In the case of voluntary degradation and / or involuntary, inside and / or outside of vehicles; damage will be borne by the customer. Any additional time and/or kilometers or any other incidental costs not included in the original estimate will be inserted in the final bill. Method of payment: Cash, cheques, bank transfer, credit card (American Express, MasterCard). One form of transportation will be issued to the person being transported to the completion of the transport service. According to the regulation of transportation companies, the deadline for settlement is set at thirty days (Law of 05 January 2006). After that, will be applied the statutory interest rate. Any complaint is admissible only in 8 days following the execution of the transport service. After that time, they can be taken into account. Despite our vigilance, it is possible that items were lost or forgotten in vehicles or outside of those vehicles for the delivery. Under no circumstances we can be held responsible. *VAT rates applied: 5.5% (likely to be updated in the event of a change by all legislative and / or regulatory).
>>> Warning : People carried undertake not to make any claims contradict and / or violation of customs regulations, the French legislation and community, particularly the rules of the road, in which case AMR Limousines reserves the right to suspend the provision. In case of dispute, only the court in Pontoise is competent.